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Estonian Gambling Licence

Legal Gaming in Estonia

We are more that just an ordinary law firm, and as a Finnish company, we understand local customs and country-specific features in Estonia profoundly. We have obtained a great deal of knowledge, networks and understanding of Estonian gambling licence application process, and we are here to help businesses to go through the licensing process as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Estonia is a small nation that has become an European tech hub. Estonia has a solid and rapidly developing infrastructure for iGaming. Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s transparent business environment; a new digital nation for the world. E-resident entrepreneurs from all over the world can start an EU-based company and manage business from anywhere, entirely online. Estonian licensees are allowed to accept foreign players under Estonian licence, with certain limits.

Legal Gaming Efficiently

The process is fast and straightforward. Nevertheless, the length of the process depends on the applicant and the planned set-up. Time needs to be reserved for arranging necessary documentation and authorizations. In addition to this, the technical side of the project needs to be ready.

Legal Gaming Attorneys at Law is a leading Northern European law firm and consultancy company concentrating on assisting companies operating in the iGaming sector. We have assisted our clients with licensing processes, opening bank accounts, drafting policies, reviewing agreements, preparing risk assessments, planning marketing activities and much more. Legal Gaming assistance with the Estonian licensing process, covers the following:

Legal Gaming Offer

  1. Representation of the client company in communication with the Estonia Tax and Customs Board (“EMTA”) in order to obtain a gambling license and operating permit in Estonia. We have obtained a good relationship based on mutual respect with the regulator which benefits direct communication in licensing matters.
  2. Assistance in arranging and preparing the required documentation for obtaining the relevant license and operating permit (corporate documentation, TCs, data protection policy, RG policy, AML policy, applications, annexes to the applications etc.).
  3. Assistance in coordinating translations and notarizations
  4. Assistance in coordinating the setting of HAMPI self-exclusion system (note: separate tech solution provided by a third party is needed, their fees are not included to this offer) + assistance in acquiring possible accreditations concerning the gaming system if needed (accreditation/certification is made by a separate third party – their fees are also not included to this offer).
  5. Other tasks and questions connected with the licensing process; document drafting, assistance in opening bank accounts/accounts with e-money institutions.
  6. Assistance in understanding legal, RG, compliance, data protection etc. related requirements essential for getting the license/operating permit.
  7. Other legal, compliance, regulatory and consultancy directly related to the process.

In the course of the project, Legal Gaming will provide reports and updates to the client company on a regular basis and remains available from 9am-5pm similarly to any internal in-house counsel.

  • Legal, Compliance, Regulatory & Consultancy
  • Representation & Communication
  • Assistance & Coordination
  • Other tasks & Providing in-depth understanding

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