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About us

We are a group of dynamic lawyers and legal consultants following the vision of providing legal services tailor-made for companies operating in iGaming and Entertainment & Social Gaming and Esports sectors. Lawyers with business acumen is what the gaming industry needs. Our lawyers have also worked as lead in-house counsel for global entertainment and game companies. We are advicing  businesses from start-ups to global publishers, small and medium-size game studios, online platforms and individuals.

We are not just traditional lawyers, we are gaming enthusiasts who want to be part of developing legal services in the fields of iGaming and Entertainment & Social Gaming and Esports sectors. Your business is our business.

“Your business is our business!”


Extensive network

Global knowledge pool

We offer one point of contact and knowledge pool for the Nordics, Malta, DACH and CIS regions. Further, we are relying on an extensive network of other local legal and business professionals with whom we have worked together for years. Let us help you to get in touch with the industry experts.

Minna Ripatti


“I am originally from a small town from the southern part of Finland from which I moved to the beautiful city of Turku in pursuit of both a legal and a business degree.

I have spent over a decade abroad living and working in Austria, Switzerland, and Malta. During this time, I have worked as an expert gaming lawyer for a prominent Austrian law firm, in-house legal counsel for a large game provider, and also provided legal consultation for both B2C and B2B companies operating in the iGaming and Entertainment sectors. Now is the right time to bring together the Nordic way of doing business, niche legal expertise, and international network of top-notch legal professionals in the field of gaming; all of this culminates in Legal Gaming.

Lawyers with business acumen are what the gaming industry needs. Your business is our business. Legal Gaming is able to provide its clients with quality legal advice because we understand the gaming industry and how businesses operate in that sector.”

“Your business is our business.”

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Antti Koivula


Antti Koivula is an analytical and detail-oriented iGaming lawyer who understands the practical side of the industry extremely well. Antti’s background is extraordinary and it differentiates him from the field. Antti has LL.B and LL.M degrees and he joined Legal Gaming Attorneys at Law in 2021. His area of expertise covers Finnish gambling law, EU law, licensing, risk assessments and contracts.

Prior to pursuing a law career, Antti worked for 12 years as a professional sports bettor. During those years, Antti built a deep practical understanding of the industry. He worked in cooperation with several sports betting syndicates, ran a highly successful tipster service, cooperated with the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports and the National Bureau of Investigation in match-fixing related matters and provided background information and interviews to the media. All that while staking a considerable amount of his own money with sharp bookmakers for constant long-term profit.

“Your business is our business.”

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Heikki Koivula


I entered iGaming industry for a small company whose operations were based in a 2-bedroom apartment that was converted into an office. In the iGaming industry businesses are capable of growing rapidly and so did we, going from few employees to over a hundred just in a couple of years. I got the privilege to go through the growth stage in various key roles and to participate in setting up B2C operations, such as KYC, CS, Risk, Fraud and Payments, and RG. By getting the chance to concentrate on RG, I gained experience from regulatory compliance, license applications, different legislations and regulations, technical compliance, information security management systems and so on. At this point the entity I worked for had changed from operator to B2B-business as a platform provider, game-aggregator and white-label solution, within the same group.

B2B-side, particularly the license applications, got me to see the bigger picture more clearly. I gained an understanding of things such as how much work modifying your own platform can be, how complex process it can be to meet all the regulatory and technical compliance requirements, how much work is behind that game labs logo on your front-end design etc. I find all of this fascinating and I am excited to look forward to the new projects ahead!

“Your business is our business.”

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Maarit Levoniemi


From a very young age, I knew I wanted to become a lawyer. I am originally from a small town in western Finland, however, I have studied law at the University of Turku. Further, I have also studied law in the beautiful city of Stockholm. I have worked for years  for a medium sized law firm in Helsinki. Further, I have worked for a Finnish non-governmental organisation as a lawyer.  

At Legal Gaming I am working as an office manager and legal advisor. It is my responsibility to take care of our customers and make sure that the business runs smoothly.  Alongside with my duties an as office manager, I still get to do what I love the most – namely, assist our clients with various legal issues.  

“Your business is our business.”

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Our Partners

We are cooperating with leading legal experts in order to provide our clients with top-notch legal services and advice. Our partners are famous for their quality services and long-lasting client relationships.