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Social Gaming

Social gaming generally refers laptop, mobile or video gaming which allows social interaction with players. We are advising businesses on day-to-day legal issues arising in the development, publishing and exploitation of social games games. We assist companies on legal issues relating to development and licensing agreements, intellectual property, data protection, employment issues, consumer rights and gambling. Further, social gaming may sometimes also raise gambling related legal issues.

Across platforms and GENRES

We advise upon all legal aspects of the social gaming sector, across platforms and genres, from development and publishing, global distribution, IP compliance, enforcements and brand strategies, content licensing, data protection and privacy.


Assisting companies with contract negotiations, drafting and review process (including developing, publishing and distribution agreements, game partnership and co-marketing agreements as well as sub-contracting).

Regulatory compliance

Supporting our clients in contents and platform licensing, understanding regulations on competition and skill gaming as well as data protection and technical requirements and consumer compliance.

Other legal issues

Our team is ready to assist companies also regarding music licensing and commissioning, sponsorship and endorsement issues as well as legal questions concerning virtual currencies.

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